Grading Policy

Playing Tests

Graded playing tests will be conducted multiple times per semester on the music that we learn in class. These tests will often be announced, but may be unannounced for music that students have had for several weeks. For each playing test, students will receive one grade reflecting their performance on the instrument.  The advanced students will also received an additional grade which reflects their music reading ability.

Written Tests

Written tests may also be given each semester. These will assess students' understanding of  content covered in class including music theory, note-reading, and knowledge of fingerings. Written tests will always be announced, and a study guide for relevant material will be given to students at least one week beforehand. 

Re-take Policy

No playing test or written test grade is ever final until the end of the marking period. Students will have the opportunity to re-take any assessment during recess club (days TBA). If a student earns a higher grade on the re-take, the new grade will replace the original grade. If a student earns a lower grade on the re-take, the original grade will remain.